Pet Maxing Guide (Hp/Str/Int + Rank) [ESO]

What happens when you do the Celestial Pet quest from Roor the Hunter and realised the free Panda Cub or Redridge Hatchling has only 2 fusion stats? Of course you don't sell or drop it at all, instead, you can use them as a pet melding tool to increase your main pet's HP, STR and INT to maxed. Read on for more info:

I see there are a few pet melding guides here already, but I'll put this in the basket anyways. Came up with this when I was experimenting with pet melding and stuff. The simplest Hp/Str/Int + Rank Maxer making technique I've come up with till date. Hope this helps in someway.

Pets Required:

  • Fierce Panda Cub or Redridge Hatchling -any elemental- (can be bought in-game from players or obtained from lv100+ daily at Roor the Hunter at pokari)
  • Bright Dewdrop Bunny -non elemental- (can be caught near Roor The Hunter in Pokari)
  • Bright Auto-Repair Android -non elemental- (can be caught in Ole Region near mines using traps that it itself drops when its killed)

First Pet Meld Preview
First Pet Meld Preview

First Meld - lv120+ Bright Dewdrop Bunny (Host) + lv120+ Fierce Panda Cub or Redridge Hatchling (Support), using Charm of Memory (Green round charm available at npc Wehn for 500 Gaap Virtue, also available on stalls for 10-20g)

Pet Meld Charm
Second Pet Meld Preview

This meld should give you a maxed HP/Str/Int Dewdrop Bunny. The level of this pet you get will be decreased to lv110 or so due to the meld, so you will need to level it again to lv120+.

AR Host Pet Meld
Final Pet Meld

Final Meld - lv120+ Bright Auto-Repair Android (Host) + lv120+ hp/str/int maxed Dewdrop Bunny from 1st Meld (Support), using Charm of Source (Orange round charm available at npc Wehn for 500 Gaap Virtue, also available on stalls for 10-20g)

Charm of the Source

This meld should give you hp/str/maxed Auto-Repair Android with rank 500+ This Auto-Repair Android is your (HP/Str/Int) + Rank Maxer Pet.

You can use this Auto-Repair Android at lv120 as support pet to max HP/Str/Int of any Host pet (which also should be lvled to lv120+).

Maxed AR Pet

As I explained in the beginning, this Maxed Auto-Repair Android is your HP/Str/Int maxer with rank 500+. This maxed Auto-Repair Android can be used for maxing any pet such as WD/Hulon Firedrake/Panda/Redridge (lv1 evo), etc. Note that the Host and Support pets lvl should be more than lv120 when doing any melds.


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