Move Treasure [ESO]

For General Zurin's Move Treasure quest, you will first need to talk to General Zurin (Solar Temple) to accept the quest and then wait it out for 1 hour. After that 1 hour is up, you can simply check your quest log to see what are the reward(s) you will be getting. Most times, it's 25 Event Tokens. However, if you feel that you would prefer something else other then Event Tokens, for example, a ◎Stone of Peace or White Dragon, there is this quest from General Zurin that lets you reset the quest for another 1 hour. So far, the reward(s) for completing this quest are:

  • 25 Event Tokens
  • Frostlion Mount
  • ◎ Stone of Peace
  • White Dragon

Move Treasure Reward

Move Treasure Reward

Do be aware that the reward(s) for this quest is random. Therefore, good luck in getting a ◎ Stone of Peace or White Dragon =D

Note: This quest only have a countdown timer for 1 hour. Once an hour is up, you can choose to go back to General Zurin a little later to get your reward or reset it before server reset is up. No penalty if you missed talking to General Zurin.

If for any reason the timer countdowns past 0 minutes, eg. -10 minutes, simply relog out of your account and log back in again, not realm hop. This method should solve the timer issue if you had previously glitch yourself prior to botting and after getting this quest.


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