First Timer [Ether Saga Odyssey]

Maotu Longtail in ESO

When I first started playing a MMO game, I wasn't expecting much. But neither did I expect a crash-course on the basics as well. It was terrifying for a newbie, and probably even more terrifying in a sense that everything's new. New surroundings, new sensations, new sights, new sounds, new friends, etc etc.

True that MMO games are so much different than PC-based games like Sims Social on Facebook. It's an entirely different gameplay where everything is a little competitive where who gets the most kills out of a PvP/PK system, who hits the hardest, who crits the best and stuffs like that.

But the best advice I had learned and willing to pass on is: Enjoy the gaming experience.

Why? Because you can only be a newb/nub player for only so long before you level past the "baby" levels and moved on to bigger things in the game itself. Dungones/Instances that are immensely even harder than the lowbie ones that you can do solo. World bosses that takes effort from 5-6 teams, while trying to fend off troll alliances who just wants to see you fail. And not forgetting, trolls on World Chat (this term differs in different MMOs), trying to make you feel even lousier, especially after trying, and successfully made you and your teams failed to take a boss that everyone's so excited and anticipating for.

Different MMO games are unique in their own way. For example, in Ether Saga Odyssey (a.k.a ESO), you can learned a total of 2 vocations to craft things, and most times, these 2 vocations are needed because they complement each other as a whole. While in Jade Dynasty (a.k.a JD), the vocation system is pretty similar, but as long as you have the recipes and correct vocation level, you can pretty much craft anything and everything. Although to progress through the levels of a vocation, you may need to stay at a specific level for the vocation materials.

And as for Forsaken World (a.k.a FW), starting at early levels, you may find yourself having too much vocation points to learn stuffs. But as you progress further on, you will find that it is necessary to stick with some vocations, while certain ones can be freezed in favor of others that may help you lots more in terms of questing and so on.

I personally believe that the first step to any MMO games is actually the vocation process. Just think about it, most vocation lets you craft pots instead of having to buy them off NPCs in bulk. It definitely helps you save more for your gears in the long run.


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