Vitamins for Evolving Panda Cub & Redridge Hatchling [ESO]

If you have looked around Heaven's Repository under the Pets - Training tab, you would have noticed the Advanced Vitamins · I, Advanced Vitamins · II and Advanced Vitamins · III selling at 50 e-cent, 1 E-buck and 2 E-buck respectively.

Advanced Vitamins · I
Advanced Vitamins · II
Advanced Vitamins · III

If you can afford to, of course, you would buy those to evolve your maxed Panda Cub or Redridge Hatchling. But what if you do not want to spend any EB on evolving your Celestial Egg pets and yet at the same time, do not mind taking longer to evolved it completely?

Good news! Roor the Hunter has another quest beside Celestial Egg. You get 5 tokens from Roor, where each token need you to kill 100 mobs of your level (or higher) and the rewards are Vitamin · I. Depending on your luck, you can get between 1 Vitamin · I to a few for each token fulfilled. Save all your Vitamin · I. Do you know why?

Bet you might not have thought of it. 10 Vitamin · I can be forged at the Ancestral Forge into 1 Vitamin · II. There you were thinking, why didn't I ever got Vitamin · II as a reward before? That's because we are supposed to forge them into the next level vitamin. Don't believe, see this!

Ancestral Forge

Yep, it definitely can be forged into the next level vitamin. It cost only 1 gold. Whatever gold you spend are mostly on pots to finish the quest and to evolve your pet(s) with the vitamins you already have. Sure, it takes longer than the Advanced Vitamins from Heaven's Repository. But so what? Instead of having to spend a few thousand dollars to evolved the free pet you get from Roor. What you are spending in this case is just time, effort and gold farming with a little bit of patience added in the mix. Whereas someone else have to spend a few thousand for bragging rights to show it off, you can do the same, but without spending a single cent from your bank account.

If the current rate for EB is 1 EB to, for example, 1200G. It would take more than $1000 multiplied by 1200G just to get a Stage 1 pet to evolve to Stage 2. YOu do the math and decide whether it's worth paying that much money in real life for a free pet. Or just work hard at farming gold to convert all your Vitamin · I to Vitamin II and so on.

Evolving Check

Evolving Check

Hope this helps if you happened to not want to spend too much cold hard cash to get the best stuffs in ESO =]


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