Raptorex Mount [Forsaken World]

Raptorex Mount: 14 Days
Mount Name: Raptorex
Level Requirement: Lv30
Speed: 135%
Aquatic: No
Race: Any

Basic mount in-game for Forsaken World. A 15-day version of this mount can be obtained from the Tytan's Gift Promotion. Permanent version can be obtained from any Guild Resource Agent for 50 Merit and 27 Gold.

As stated in the description above, Tytan's Gift Promotion is actually a cash-shop box (from Eyrda Boutique in-game for Forsaken World). But the catch is that you must spend, a.k.a transferred to your account on Perfect World, a minimum of 1000 Zen (US$10) before you are eligible to get this item. Within the Tytan's Gift Promotion is a Raptorex Crystal Box which contains:


Although most players would have been happy enough to receive a cs box that gives you all of the items that are inside the box itself. But still, you do have to spend before you can get it for free. In other words, presuming that you just transferred money to your PW account and not spend a single cent at all, this box actually costs a whopping US$10!? And for that amount, you are getting:

  • A 15-day Raptorex amoount instead of a 30-day mount or even a permanent mount
  • Raptorex Crystal Champion Title, and that's about it. Nothing more, just a pink title that doesn't even flash nor blink non-stop
  • 10 x Star Crystals, which I personally felt it a little tad stingy. Why not 15 instead?
  • 10 Gold Soul Coins, and nothing more, just that 10 miserable 10 Gold soul coins that's bound to the character that opened this box

All in all, this is 1 free cs box that isn't exactly free in the first place. And the fact that the free mount lasts only a good 15-days is a bad factor too. So, if you accidentally choose the wrong character, maybe a mule character for storing crap, you cannot help but to actually level up the mule just for the sake of not wasting it. Unless you don't mind spending that money..


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