Taking full advantage of freebies in MMO

Glister Skyblade
This 30-day Glister skyblade is obtainable from Lv45 Treasure Chest in Jade Dynasty.

There comes a time when you wish you were rich enough to splurge real money on MMO. It could be for various reasons that includes prepping your gears to be PvP-enabled with deadly crit figures, or it can just simply be as plain and straightforward as getting from Point A to Point B without having to encounter various aggro mobs on the way. Sometimes, there are certain freebies within a MMO game that gives you something to try for for as short as 24 hours to at least 1 month long.

And when you do, you will start getting excited and yet confused all at the same time. Excited because for a certain amount of period, certain quests that seemed to be unable to be completed can finally be done now. But confused because for a start, suddenly your mind just simply forgot what exactly are you going to do now that you have something that you've coveted from Day 1 of playing a MMO.

First of all, take a look at your quest log and see which quests needs you to, say for example, fly around. Especially so in the world of Jade Dynasty where NPCs are stationed above ground, just out of reach if you do not have flying/glide gears. Make a mental note which of these quests are of utter importance. In my experience in Jade Dynasty, it's definitely the Treasure Hunt quest, which is obtainable from an NPC called Sky Dweller who unfortunately for me, resides high up in the sky just inside a popular safezone town.

Treasure Hunt

Unfortunately for me, I need a flying/glide gear of some sort in order to do this quest which can be done a total of 3 times per day, where the amount awarded for successfully completing this quest is dependable on your current level. But imagine with the use of a 30-day flying gear such as this Glister Skyblade, where in just under 1 week, I have managed to accumulate close to 120G out of sheer utter perseverance. It's not easy, but anything beats having to spend real money.

Although there are many other quests that involves reaching NPCs stationed high in the sky, most of them probably will want you to defeat the same type of boss or monster(s) a certain amount of times. It's important to find out and try to remember which ones are worth doing via a list. For example, the top of your list that the quest you really need to do are the ones that gives you in-game gold. Followed next would be either better gears or pet exp potions. And no doubt, different quest objectives with different quest rewards asks you to defeat certain types of boss or monster(s) from a minimum of 10 times to maybe 18 times or even more.

But luckily, in Jade Dynasty, there's an available in-game bot called an Esper which lets you "Vigorate" (a.k.a Bot), and this does comes in handy when I am trying to kill 10 Celestial Vanguards without having to stare at my screen throughout all 10 killings and button smashing my skills. Lucky me, I guess.

Celestial Vanguard

Cool part for me as of now? This game is actually offering players to redeem a Grade 18 pet daily via their Facebook Connect and this greatly aids in getting my favorite quest done in as short a time as possible. Phew! Imagine trying to kill the same monster 10 to 18 times with my regular Grade 3 pet, I will probably try to tear my hair out from the agony of it.

What about you? Any moments when you are glad of certain freebies in your favorite MMO that aids you in completing quests much more faster than you expected? Share them with me as I would like to know about it.


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