Pit of Champions Guide [ESO]

Well, this is only a short simple guide for those of you all who can actually level up really fast, like "Zoom! I'm Lv100 now" fast. In short, Pit of Champion can be a good way to get from Lv90 - Lv99/Lv100 if you have the time and dedication to do it even if you know you don't have enough Defense points to get hit for only 1 dmg. I did PoC on RaiLyn and she had only under 600 Defense and I managed to got her from Lv91 to Lv98. All in all, if you think you wanted to save your gold on making Defense/Poss gears to concentrate on working on Lv100 gears, perhaps this guide is for you too. Other than that, just enjoy~

Before you can even do Pit of Champions instance, there are some important criterias you need to be aware of. Some of them might not be compulsory, but ultimately it's up to the person doing this instance.

  • Pit of Champion map obtainable once daily from Mapkeeper Ming, located at The Former Square in Pokari
  • Enough HP and MP pots to survive one round of Pit run, or at least able to withstand hits from pit mobs
  • Combatable Mount (Optional), but in the event you are being hit for a certain amount, the mount ensures you can run off and pot in time
  • Double EXP Token - If you don't have one, get it via Facebook once only. Subsequent rounds of Pit runs will give you Double EXP tokens. However, I recommend not using the tokens until you are at least Lv105, instead accumulate Spirits and Valor being the utmost importance
  • Pets that you need to level up

And prior to entering the instance, check via Dispatcher Chun to see if there's an empty instance slot available. Many times, I buffed up, activated my double EXP token and ended up finding out I had to realm hop and at the same time lose my buffs cos it's all full-house in Realm 3. (Not sure why somedays Realm 3 is so popular with Pit spamming =_=" )

Pit of Champions Map

As soon as you get teleported inside, you will spawn at a spot where the blue arrow is in the image above. Try not to stay at that spot because mobs take too long to reach the area where you spawn. This spot is the same place in which you re-spawn again if you either lag and get killed by Pit mobs or just simply got killed by Pit mobs due to low Defense. If you see where the red arrow is pointing, that is the place where you need to quickly run to before the very 1st batch of Pit mobs spawns. And this is why you need to check via Dispatcher Chun if there's a free instance slot for you and also at the same time to buff up before teleporting inside the instance if a free instance slot is available. You save time on the buffing up and can run to the designated spot before mobs spawn.

Pit of Champions Mobs

If you managed to run to the front of the platform just in time to see the very 1st batch of mobs spawn, here's what you should do next. (If you're a mystic with low Defense, you might want to use Incantation Glow at this point.) As soon as the mobs starts approaching the steps, you can either run towards the left or right to lure them all in one direction. And as soon as they start following you, you may proceed to spam your AoE skill on them. But note that these mobs won't stand there and wait to be killed, they will start to aggro and attack you. Therefore, remember to pot AND run around when necessarily. If you have ever tried to tank Master Crabbins inside River Temple 1 and 2, you should probably know what I'm talking about. But this time, instead of just one Master Crabbins, it's plenty of Master Crabbins disguised as 10 different mobs per round.

Pit of Champions Mini Boss

At this point, remember that bridge you need to run over before you get to the platform where those Pit mobs spawn? Summon your pet out on that small bridge, put it on Idle and change your pet(s) skill, if they have any, to Manual. Especially important if you are using Pit of Champions to level up certain pets to meld with, since pets like these tend not to be equipped with pet bells of any sort and neither is their HP/Def is high enough to withstand attacks from these spawning Pit mobs. As long as you hold aggro on Pit mobs that have spawned, your pet shouldn't be attacked at any point. And when Pit bosses shows up, you can press the shortcut key for Attack or enable Auto for any particular pet skill your pet can deal the most damage to help kill the Pit boss fast.

Some items that are worth picking up inside Pit of Champion instance includes:

  • Time Dust Stone - For crafting ☆ Pet Chaplets
  • Crystal of Earth Eternity - For crafting ☆ Pet Chaplets
  • Crystal of Flame Rage - For crafting ☆ Pet Chaplets
  • Shattered Void Stone - For crafting Void Stones
  • Dragon Slayer Essence Debris - For exchanging for DS gears/weapon
  • Ethrelic of Dragon Blood - For imbuing DS Gears/weapon
  • △Destiny Jade Debris - For re-rolling of Lv90 Destiny gears/weapon if you're equipped with them
  • □Destiny Jade Debris - For re-rolling Lv100 Destiny gears/weapon if you're equipped with or intend to use them
  • Heavensack Stone - For embedding in signets if you need more HP
  • Tiger Growl Stone - For embedding in signets if you need more Strength (Applicable for Hellion chars)
  • Sacred · Stone of Termination - Gives Critcast Rate +1%
  • Sacred · Stone of Abnormalty - Gives Resilience +1
  • Sacred · Stone of Dignity - Gives Strength +50
  • Sacred · Stone of Delicacy - Gives Accuracy +2
  • Sacred · Stone of Fury -Gives Intellect +50

If not, you can collect these to sell if you do not need them. Another good way to earn a little extra gold on the side =D

Hope this little guide is of help to newer players who might not have the Defense gears necessarily to do a successful Pit run.


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