Starter Pets for Pet Meld Maxing [ESO]

NOTE: This guide is originally by iforget, I do not claim ownership for it.

First of all, you need 2 starting area pets. 1 clever Dewdrop Bunny and 1 Chimpsy Chimp of any attitude except Normal.

  • Catch one clever Dew Drop Bunny they are located near Roor the Hunter. Then from NPC near Roor, called collector Val, buy one Chimpsy Chimp. If it is Normal attitude, sell it back and buy again. Any attitude is fine as long as it is not Normal
  • Now take the Dew Drop Bunny and the Chimpsy Chimp and level them both to approximately Level 120. Take them both to the forge and place Dew Drop Bunny in first as Host Pet and Chimpsy Chimp as Support Pet
  • Click preview, if all stats: HP, INT and STR previewed as Maxed, do the meld. If they show under max on preview, level the pets up slightly more and then come back to preview again. This step just cost you, from memory, 2400 spirit
  • Now get your Redridge Hatchling and level it as high as you possibly can. The maxed out Dew Drop Bunny to be re-leveled to around Level 120
  • Then take both pets to the forge and this time, preview with the Redridge Hatchling as the Host Pet and Dew Drop Bunny as Support Pet. If all stats show maxed, do the meld. If they are below max stats, level them up some more. This step costs around 39400 spirit from memory
  • If the top box is higher then the bottom (always left side) then the pet will max on melding


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