Battle of Xanada [ESO]

Battle of Xanada Map

For new players who might or want to get Lv90 Annihilation gears, here's a simple guide:

When is Battle of Xanada: 24/7. basically anytime someone goes in after being empty, it starts. Just like any other dungeon/instance run.

Where is Battle of Xanada: Dispatcher Chun - Realm 5 only

How to get into Battle of Xanada: Mapkeeper Ming

Mapkeeper Ming (a.k.a donkey guy) gives you up to 3 maps (Bound to Character) per day at the following (Ancestral Ruins/Fort Phoenix)SERVER times:

11am-2pm 6pm-8pm 8pm-10pm

You either get a Heaven or a Demons map. It's random. However, read the next sentence:

Queen of Amaz also has a strange Xanada-related quest or two that essentially lock you into a certain side (Heaven or Demon) for maybe a week or even longer? And it's REALLY annoying mainly because you can't be flexible about which side to join if you have maps saved up, and also because you can't do your daily xanada XP/gold quests for both sides. (I'm not sure if this quest still exists, but if it does, just take note of it)

TIP 1: Xanada maps do not expire, and they stack. You can have at 2 bag slots taken up if you collect Heaven and Demon maps.

TIP 2: When you choose to enter the Xanada adventure and then pick a side, you will then be asked "Do you want to teleport in?" Always say NO! At this point, you are only in the queue and you are free to look at the player lists for BOTH sides, and then choose to "Enter" if you decide you have picked the correct side, or "Leave Queue" if you decide you want to wait and/or pick a different side. Be careful, other players can also be in the queue and standing at Dispatcher Chun doing the same thing you're doing, but you will see them in the player lists. The player lists show a combination of who is actually inside, and who is in the queue.

How to win Battle of Xanada: Battle ends when a boss dies, or when time runs out. If time runs out, the winner is the side with the highest score. The score is determined by the combined # of player kills for that side. The boss almost always dies before time runs out, sometimes within 20 minutes, if there are lots of players attacking the boss all at once.

What's the point of doing Battle of Xanada?

  • To get dominance points
  • To get EXP
  • To get gold
  • To get your PK jollies
  • To get Astral Ethrelics (from NPC soldiers)

What are dominance points for?

  • To get Warcry Tokens to get free Annihilation gear from Chauncy. You get these at 28k, 42k, and 75k
  • If on Top 10 dominance ranking, you get Conquer the World tokens to get free Dominance gear from General Roshin
  • To get extra goodies, like Roxaress necklace (42k) and ring (75k), and Hulon Firedrake pet (112.5k), and probably more that we don't know about yet

How to get dominance points in Xanada

Winning the battle gives you 1500. Losing gives you 500. Don't d/c (a.k.a disconnect). Killing players gives you bonus dominance points:

  • 10 gives you 250
  • 20 gives you 350
  • 100 gives you 500

How to get XP and gold in Xanada:

There's 3 different ways:

  • Quests to kill enemy players, can get quests from one of the 2 NPCs near where you spawn
  • Quests to kill enemy soldiers, can get quests from one of the 2 NPCs near where you spawn
  • Spending time in Xanada and talking to the guard at the front

TIP 1: These quests are daily, and can be done for both Heaven and Demons (the reason you want to be able to go into both in any given day). If you focus on just A and B for both Heaven and Demons, I think you can get 28 event tokens and 100G per DAY from Xanada.

TIP 2: Choose the "Extraordinary Guardian" and "Only Hope" quests FIRST, to ensure that you can get the gold quests out of the way first.


The following buff types are available from the Profiteer Supplier NPCs in your home base:

  • INT+
  • HP+
  • Speed+
  • Turret
  • Catapult

The following buffs are available on the ground in certain spots around the map:

  • Regeneration
  • Berserk
  • Speed+

These all cost coins (Dragon Bronze Coins earnable and usable only in Xanada), see next section for more info.

Better versions of ALL of these buffs can be purchased at the NPC in the very center of the map on the Warbanner Islet floating island. This island also has a VERY important and awesome buff for purchase that is not available at the Profiteer Suppliers: Range+.

Xanada Currency:

Dragon Bronze Coins are available in tiny quantities from the weak mobs near both bases. You'll get a one-time quest for this the first time you go into Xanada (for each side i think).

Better yet, if you pick up a Sacred Silver Chest (dropped from soldiers), you can convert it into 40 coins at your Profiteer Supplier NPC.

Same goes for Irised Celestial Gem (dropped from players), and that can be converted into 100 coins.

All coins, chests, gems, and buffs are GONE after you leave Xanada, however, coins/chests/gems can be stored in your Mystery Pouch if you have one, and keep it for next time.

TIP: In Order to get dragon coin, you will have to exange gems and chest as a quest from Profiteer supplier

  • Gem give 100 dragon coin (get by killing a player)
  • Chest give 40 dragon coin (get by killing Soldier of the enemy faction)

How to Quickly Get Around:

NORMALLY, you are required to fly out through your own base gates, through the large open area in the middle, and then fly through the enemy base gates and hopefully avoid their catapults (which do 12-15k damage per hit), but, one trick is to grab your buffs at the starting area, then fly straight up past 550 height, then fly to anywhere you want on the map, even over mountains. This is not yet well known, apparently even among Slayers, although I have seen some of them do this. Try to keep this a secret as long as you can, because it makes a huge difference in survivability and getting things done efficiently.

How to Kill Enemy Soldiers / How to Get Xanada Coins:

Soldiers hit for about 3500 HP - 4000 HP, maybe less if you have a lot of defense. In order to safely and quickly farm soldiers for coins and to satisfy your soldier quests, you'll need a Turret buff (or Turret+ if basic Turret def isn't quite enough) and a Defense buff (known as Stiffner potion. Same thing applies here, you might want the better version from Warbanner Islet if it's not enough def.) I usually get a Defense+ and Turret+ buff to bring their damage down to a whopping 1 dmg per hit.

Once I have the buffs, I go to the enemy base (unless there is resistance, in which case I just hang out in the large middle area of the map), then I use the def and turret buffs, and AOE large groups of soldiers. If you go to the enemy base, you'll want to stand in an area near the boss, and not too close to the enemy catapult, but close enough to get the attention of the two groups of soldiers that pop up every 1.5-2 minutes.

TIP: As far as I can tell, you NEED to have the FIRST hit on a soldier in order to get credit for its kill for your quests, even if someone else does more damage than you.

How to Kill Enemy Players:

This really depends on whether the battle is a one-sided battle with high levels on one side and mostly alt characters on the other side, or if there are actual players on both teams vying for the win.

If it's one-sided, all you need is a Range buff (preferably the Range+ one from the Warbanner Islet NPC), and you can pick up players to your hearts content at the enemy spawn point. You'll probably hear players complaining that you're not getting in line to kill their alts, but don't listen to them. I even hear players bitching at each other about this. Pretty funny!

If it's NOT one-sided: You'll want to look for red X's on your mini-map and go kill them.

NOTE 1: If you have someone on your foes list, they show up as red X's too even if they are on your own team. But if you hover your mouse over a red X and no name shows up, you know for sure it's an enemy player.

NOTE 2: If you want to really play against other serious opponents, I recommend having the Iron Will ethyr skill handy, because not only can you get crazy INT boosts (2000 from INT+, another 500 from aoe INT buff), you can also boost up your resistance (Via defense buffs) into the multi-thousands, and then convert all that resistance into your INT via Iron Will skill for a few seconds.

NOTE 3: Range buffs and Speed buffs, and the short-lived Regen buffs from the ground are also a MAJOR help in your fight against opponents.

NOTE 4: Bring a full stack (or more) of Revival scrolls because with crazy HP buffs, your fuse pets are almost sure to die before you do (I'm not even sure if super fuses can match your buffed HP?).

Quest for Kills in Xanada:

Second NPC [Heaven or Demon] Supervisor, that gives you quests 1 to 5.

  • Face to Face Encounter - kill one member from the opposite team and get 1 event token
  • Hero Out For Blood - kill five members of the opposite team and get 2 event tokens
  • Only Hope - kill 10 members of the opposite team and get 4 event tokens and a money bag
  • Backbone - kill 5 soldiers of the opposite side and get 2 event tokens
  • Extraordinary Guardian - kill 20 soldiers of the opposite side and get 4 event tokens and a money bag

Quest for Event Tokens in Xanada:

NPC name: [Heaven/Demon] Vanguard

Quest: Guard at the Front
Objective: Keep her alive for the next 15min

  • The First Period : 1 Event Token
  • The Second Period : 2 Event Token
  • The Third Period : 3 Event Token
  • The Last Period : 4 Event Token

How to Kill The Boss:

The boss is a large monster a few faces away from the enemy spawn area.It does NOT fight back. Your attacks do only 1 damage to it. It seems to have many thousand HP.

NOTE 1: Stand on top of the boss's head and auto-attack it with normal attacks, and you will avoid getting killed by enemy soldiers.

NOTE 2: If you're trying to kill Demons boss, stand behind the tree and attack and you usually can avoid soldier attacks. If you're trying to kill Heaven boss, stand far away behind and to the boss's left side to avoid soldier attacks.

NOTE 3: Bring a Catapult or Catapult+ buff. When you use this buff you transform into a Catapult. While transformed, you have two new skills that show up in your skill screen. Fire Bomb, and cancel transform. Drag the fire bomb skill to a hotkey and spam the boss with this. For a Catapult+, each Fire Bomb hit does *30* damage, which means a Catapult+ can damage the boss 30x as fast as any normal player!

NOTE 4: You can only do Xanada quests (player kills, event tokens, etc) once, on each side per day. In other words, once on Heaven side and once on Demon side.

For more info, check out: ESO Wikipedia: Battle of Xanada


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