Received: US-1836596 from United States of America

My apologies for not updating this as soon as I received the 3rd postcard from overseas. But I was getting really excited to received my 4th postcard as well, and then upload and talked about them all at once. It has been a thrilling experience to receive postcards that are far from Singapore, and I simply cannot wait to send and receive more. But first, I must introduce the USA and Switzerland postcards before doing so.

Received my 3rd postcard from the beautiful country where hopes and dreams lives on, United States of America.

As you can see in the image above, this beautiful postcard featured a scene taken from Times Square, New York. The vibrant city life where the pace is always fast, sometimes, I just enjoy that one moment where I'm rushing to do something and finally getting to know that the task has been completed. As compared to Singapore, we really don't have such wonderful and colorful streets. If you've walked down or even go past Orchard Road in a transport (car, bus, cab, etc), you've sort of pretty much see the "town" area.

Some day, I would like to be able to travel to Times Square, New York. To soak in that fast-paced environment, visit beautiful sights that I may never have heard or known of, and not forgetting... Manhattan Pizza Company. Now, that is another extra motivation to want to travel to USA :)

And well, lucky her in anyway possible. USA tend to have more dogs on leashes than Singapore's stray cats that eye you and decides whether to chase you around for some fun or not. In Singapore, I definitely see more stray cats and probably unleashed dogs too. Most dog owners in Singapore are over-confident that their pets won't chase and attack other humans milling about doing their own business, although I beg to differ.

(I've been chased by some dogs when I was younger, and the stupid owner actually thought it looked funny. I nearly died of an asthma attack and needless to say, I was young and oblivous and hence went up to the dog's owner and spit on her to show my displeasure.. -_-" )

The sender of this wonderful postcard is a lady and her postcard preferences includes:

  • UNESCO sites, ancient sites, historical sites, aerial city views, castles, palaces, monasteries, mosques, temples, universities, libraries, maps, and unique architecture.
  • Art: Islamic art, orientalism, old movie posters, and b & w photography.
  • People: historical figures, royalty, politicians, artists,and common people dressed in traditional customs.

And i definitely truly agree with her that not only just receiving a postcard from a stranger is a wonderful thing. Getting to know how someone else live their daily life is just as interesting to know about too. Like, how work-pace differs, how school-life is different in terms of school subjects, etc etc


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