Received: DE-1564685 from Erlangen, Germany

Received my 2nd overseas postcard from Erlangen, Germany (Deutschland).

Whenever I touched on the subject of history and historical monuments, the ones in Singapore aren't really that much. Considering the fact that Singapore had a rather short history until now, less than 100 years to be exact. So, whenever I have the chance to, I'll actually go online to the vast Internet and searched for history-related stuffs. And if random searching proves no results, my next best choice would be to log into StumbleUpon instead. Sometimes, even a simple historical statue can tell a wonderful history moment that happened centuries before I was even born.

Hey, don't ask me the exact details of anything that happened before I was born. If I do know that, I'll probably be able to tell you wonderful stories from my previous life too ^^

I'm definitely sure the sender of this postcard is a woman, rather than a man. I don't know why, but I just felt that way. And Google confirmed it, and I truly hope so or I'm going to give myself a whack on the face (a.k.a hard facepalm) if I got 'punked' by Google. She works as a chemical engineer in Germany, loves oriental food and tea. I sort of like it, but I'd prefer non-Chinese food though since I'm already a Chinese. It wouldn't be adventurous if I kept eating food that is of my racial origin, isn't it?

Furthermore, she loves small animals like rats. Surprising, since most girls/women flee at the sight of rats. And I have to admit, although her avatar shows a picture of her pet rat, but it actually doesn't look like a rat to me. I thought it was a little hamster ^^ And also, lucky for her, she can actually grow her own vegetables as well. Singapore space is too limited and 'confined' to be able to do that. And we cannot just simply find a plot of unused land and proceed to plant something on it. We would have to apply for the land plot, and if it's successful, we have to pay money for it. Unless you live in a semi-d or bungalow with your own garden plot, then that's a different situation altogether.


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