Received: NZ-73358 from North Taranaki, New Zealand

Received my very first overseas postcard from North Taranaki, New Zealand.

Countries other than Singapore (in particular, I guess) have such beautiful scenery. For example, look at North Taranaki, New Zealand. This is just simply breath-taking and exhilarating just to look at, with the oceans crashing against the cliff. These are the moments where I wished I wasn't in Singapore right now, but at beautiful places like New Zealand, for example, overlooking such a lovely paradise.

The sender of this beautiful postcard is from New Zealand and he is a teacher, according to his profile at Well, teachers in Singapore are mostly under-appreciated, I dare say. Back during my school days, we feared our teachers almost as if they were God themselves. Everyday at school when it's time for a particular school subject with a teacher notorious for meting our punishment, we would all sit in fear and wonder who's going to "get it" today ^^

But now, students in Singapore are just too mollycoddled. If a teacher so much as to raise his/her voice, expect to see police arriving in school or the parents making a huge-ass complaint to the Ministry of Education where 50% of the complaint is fact while the remaining 50% is exaggerated and added-in stories that didn't happen. Teachers may be strict and gives out punishment when we did something wrong, but on the overall, it's still for the students good.

Look at the current adults, for example, your parents and grandparents, they had strict teachers during their schooldays and look what happened. They teach you the importance of life when you are still growing up, things that they got from their strict schoolteachers. If you want your schoolteacher to be just your BFF only instead of a teacher AND a good friend who listens to your worries, I really wonder what this particular schoolkid will turn out as?


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