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Before we go any further into wedding decorations, let's take a summarised look at the origins of marriage and related stuffs first. Kinda made me feel like a student, with the exeception of not having to mindlessly memorise treatys, maths equations and the likes. Yay!

What is Marriage all about?
The primary purpose of marriage was to bind women to men, and hence guarantee that a man's children were truly his biological heirs. And through the actions of marriage, a woman will thereby lawfully and legally become a man's property. For example, in the betrothal ceremony of ancient Greece (the place where Hercules a.k.a Heracles is from), a father would hand over his daughter with these words:

“I pledge my daughter for the purpose of producing legitimate offspring.”

When or How did Love enter the picture?
Love came later than we all thought it did, actually. For most part of human history, most couples were joined in marriage for really practical reasons, not purely because they fell in love. Over the course of time, many marriage partners slowly came to feel deep devotion and mutual love.

However, the idea of romantic love as a motivating force and factor for marriage only goes as far back to the Middle Ages. No doubt, many scholars believe the Love for Marriage concept are invented by the French. The very first model for the concept of Love for Marriage was a famous knight who felt intense love for someone else's wife. Such was the case of Sir Lancelot and King Arthur's wife, Queen Guinevere.

And now that we kind of know a little something about the concepts of marriage and Love for Marriage, let's skip the part about the planning process and go on straight ahead full-steam and take a look at the marriage itself: Wedding Decorations.

Even though a wedding is really about the ceremony, but for many of our (and yours) guests, the real wedding begins at the reception. For the bride and groom, the reception area is usually where they can relax and let loose as well, after hours of posing for wedding photos with family and friends. However, the planning of any wedding reception is hardly relaxing, especially true if you are trying to plan one within a budget. (Take a look at Bride Wars the movie, both brides have the budget, no doubt. But it's the same day of marriage for 2 best friends that almost ruined everything.)

That's how we do it in Singapore, both bride and groom wakes up before the crack of dawn and spent hours preparing for the big occasion. Then, it's time for the groom to "collect" his bride with a token sum of money (money with amounts that have lots of 8 in it are extremely lucky) and then it's off to paying respects at both bride and groom's family. Followed by photo shoots, a short break, then off to the wedding dinner.

While a specific-themed wedding may not be the best option for everyone, especially when it comes to budget, it will still enable you to have a more direct and focused approach to planning for your reception decorations in terms of wedding decorations.

Although almost all wedding receptions are considered big, elegant parties, they still don't have to cost an arm and a leg as you imagined. Just by choosing the right wedding service provider and a little creativity and probably some D-I-Y "projects", almost anyone can create a romantic atmosphere on that big important day.

How about my readers? How did you plan for your wedding, in terms of wedding decorations? Do kindly share your experience with me as I would like to know more!


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