The driver of this bus with the license plate number SMB249K knocked down my father!!

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If you guys remember my previous post about my father being involved in a bus accident, here's the full details. And I would need help from every Singaporean who has a blog to reblog this entire post and I will tell you why?

On the 14 August 2012, my father was enjoying his off day and went out for a walk. As he was crossing the pedestrian crossing, which happened to be green in his favor, a TIBS bus with the license plate number SMB249K was driving errantly and knocked down my father. He was immediately rushed to the hospital a.s.a.p and underwent surgery to have screws inserted into his leg bone as one leg of his was broken.

As for the bus driver with the license plate number SMB249K, I highly doubt he (or she) reported this incident to his superiors. My father insisted on getting discharged despite his legs being in pain, because hospital bills aren't cheap. And neither are we ATM machines where we can easily dispense cold hard cash for medical treatments, despite this entire incident not being my father's fault. (The green light was in his favor, I mentioned that, remember?)

This is what happened to my father's legs after an irresponsible bus driver from TIBS knocked him down.

The 5 days while my father was in the hospital, nobody from TIBS called our house to find out more about the accident. Neither did they even bother to show up in the hospital to enquire more about the accident. It's as if they are either trying to cover up for their irresponsible and errant bus driver or they are pretending none of this crap happens.

All of this despite my brother calling and e-mailing TIBS, until today without a single reply from them!

And the only ones who bothered to visit my father in the hospital were family, relatives, friends and colleagues. Not a single squeak from anyone belonging to TIBS!

And more than just demanding compensation, provided if TIBS actually had the "courage" to step up and admit their fault and mistake, I demand answers from TIBS! This is the second time my family has been involved with dispute from TIBS. Previously, I encountered a racist bus driver while on my bus journey home who not only shouted and insulted me. He also insisted I was the one getting aggressive when he was the one doing the shouting first. He even dared me to lodge a complaint, thinking I wouldn't. But I dared! And I refused to be bullied by TIBS anymore, and I refused any of my family member being "bullied" as well!

Is this how TIBS run their company? Letting rude and racist bus driver insults passengers who are not of the same race or religion as them. And is this how TIBS handle their passengers safety? By acting ignorant about the fact that one of their bus drivers knocked down my father and no one bothered to ask or even care??

So, if you are a Singaporean who happened to be a blogger, have lots of friends who are Singaporean, or even a Singaporean who likes to hang around websites like STOMP. Kindly do me a favor and re-post this blog post in it's entirety. I demand justice!!!

And although we have made a police report regarding this incident, we want to hear TIBS side of their story. Why did they took so long to take action?


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  1. Hi there,

    Sorry about your father accident. You should post this letter to the press or New Paper to gather more exposure of the irresponsible act.


  2. @ Teck: Thank you for the concern, I appreciate it. So far, I have written to LTA. Previously, I had written to them regarding an incident where I encountered a racist bus driver. So, I'm crossing my fingers that they can help to resolve this. If not, worst case scenario, we will really have to go to the newspaper(s).

    I've considered the newspaper route as the final decision, in the event that all we had done isn't enough.

    Thank you once more for the care, concern and advise once again :)


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