New Adult EZ-Link Card!!!

Adult EZ-Link Card

Apparently, this is a new generation of ez-link cards that adheres to the new Singapore Standard for Contactless ePurse Applications (CEPAS) that can be used for LTA's new e-payment system for public transport.

» No travel deposit: Balance reflected at all devices is the actual stored value in the new card.

» Can be used in the next generation in-vehicle unit: For Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) and payments in carparks with upgraded Electronic Parking Systems (EPS).

» S$500.00: Maximum stored value.

Get more out of your new adult ez-link card

» Be rewarded with a free 6-months accidental Permanent Total Disability insurance coverage of S$5000 when traveling using the new ez-link card, underwritten by ACE Insurance.

» You can also protect the loss of your ez-link card or misuse of credit cards fir just S$0.15 a day with EZ-Link CardShield.

» Exclusively for MasterCard card holders, top-up your own & your loved ones' new ez-link card in the comfort of your house or office via EZ-Online!

» With Auto Top Up, you never have to worry about having insufficient funds in your ez-link card when you need it for traveling.


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  1. wow! you dropped 900 cards? that's amazing! :)

  2. Dear Shyn,

    That said, 900 is still quite impossible for me. Especially if you are talking about dropping and reading at the same time. Most times, I've only managed 2 blogs (600 drops) at any one day. But anyway, come back and visit my blog again. Thank you!!

    Pu Niao


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