Singaporeans... afraid to lose out?

While blog-hopping, I came across Travel Philippines | Entertainment post and the first few sentences grabbed my attention. It kind of brings back this encounter I witnessed at my previous job as a cafe barista. We were in need of new staffs and hence our boss had placed advertisements in various newspapers for hiring. And when that fateful day came, majority of the job seekers were filipinos. I don't have any qualms about that, as I had a manager who was from the Philippines and we were acutally having fun while working, so to me, yeah it sounds crazy but cool and fun and it consisted of teamwork too.

Along the way, this Singaporean who wanted a job asked for an application form and after filling up the form and returned it back to us, he "casually" mentioned that how would he "know that the interview would be based on a first-come-first-served basis". Indirectly meaning that since he's Singaporean, he should be allowed to go for the interview first while the rest of the filipino job-seekers have to wait as they are not Singaporeans. Why indirectly? That was because he mentioned that there were so many job-seekers who were not Singaporean and that "it was unfair for the Singaporeans" to have to wait to be interviewed.

At that very instant, I felt my blood boiling and I really really wanted to give him a punch right across the face. Why, just because he's a Singaporean doesn't mean he has immediate access or special privileges. If you want to be interviewed first, come early. I mean, he took his own sweet time and came down only close to 4:00pm, when the interview slot is almost over and tried to kick a fuss out of it. At least the filipino job seekers are serious and honest in trying to find a stable job and get a stable income.

And right before this selfish Singaporean walked off, due to the fact that he has to wait for his turn to be interviewed after the filipino job-seekers, I yelled out loudly as a matter of fact that "If our company hired such a selfish person, we will lose business!"

Ultimately, it boils down to tolerance and own self attitude. If you can't be bothered to wake up early and be the first in line to be interviewed for a job, I suggest that you zip up your mouth and wait for your turn quietly, and without a fuss. Regardless of whether we, Asians, Filipinos, Malaysians, Americans or whatever, we're all equal. In a sense that we're only humans, we cry, feel and bleed and we are no different from one another. We have needs and wants, and yes we have our own insecurities. But if you're going to discriminate to my face, I suggest you pack up and leave and stop hanging near me as I do not tolerate such blatant racial discrimination in my own damn presence.


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