Why Chopsticks, you may wonder?

In my initial days of blogging, I have absolutely no clue about blog design, blog layout, linkage and the likes of it. It was just as it is, blogging in it's originality. It wasn't until I started getting serious about maintaining my blog that I start to consider getting a nicer looking layout other than the regular ones Blogger lets users use for free.

I needed something to define what my blog is about. At the start of the journey, it was through a lot of trials and errors before I started using the online moniker Pu Niao. What's "Pu Niao" again, you start to think? Let me explain to you.

The original idea to use Pu Niao as a online moniker for my blog and Internet activities was parrtly due to some angsty attack by a not-so-famous artist in Singapore. And when I realized I can no longer use my previous alias, which wasn't really that special and unique to remember, I had to come up with another one and start anew all over.

It was definitely an agonising week after week of thinking, brainstorming and such. I definitely know I do not want any "regular" alias such as:

  • SingaporeGirl
or even anything the likes of it. It has to be unique, special and interesting to the point that makes people wonder. And I got my answer a.k.a reply from an anime series called The Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok. One of it's impromptu character called Ed-chan (click the link to see Ed-Chan that I'v circled in red) is always going "Pu-Miao.. Pu-Miao". And I thought, "THAT's IT!!" And the moniker Pu Niao (derived from Pu-Miao) stayed ever since.

And back to the topic of Chopsticks, to define what Chopsticks originally meant:

chop·stick/ ˈCHäpˌstik/ Noun: Each of a pair of small, thin, tapered sticks of wood, ivory, or plastic, held together in one hand and used as eating utensils, especially by the Chinese, the Japanese, and other people in eastern Asia

And since the original blog layout I chose reflect Chinese/Asian culture with a oriental bowl and a pair of red chopsticks, the name for my blog also maintained and stayed up till now. It is definitely fitting to use as a blog theme through and through since I'm a Singaporean Chinese and the blog layout is Oriental-style, fitting huh?

And that's how the adventures of Pu Niao and Chopsticks came to be!