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And now to the topic of Link Exchange. As my blog has just underwent a new layout change, I would like to keep it neat and tidy. So, if you are looking at link exchanges that involves putting up your blog badge, you may have to check back some time again as I brainstorm on how to counter this request without making my blog look too messy. But for now, here's a look at how the Link Exchange works on -Chopsticks-:

Chopsticks Fumbler
All blogs who request for a Link Exchange will be listed under the Header Chopsticks Fumblers with an outgoing link back to your blog/website.

How to get listed under Chopsticks Fumblers?

First and foremost, your blog/website should preferably be a personal blog/website at least. However, if you have only 1 blog where you blog not only about personal stuffs, but also everything else under the sun, it's acceptable too. Just give me a few links to blog post(s) that contains personal updates for verification. Similarly, I would need a link exchange from your blog to mine at -Chopsticks- as well. And since I cannot afford to use blog badges, it's alright if you list my blog address for link exchange as a text link.

Kindly note that all links listed under Chopsticks Fumblers are in alphabetical order.

As we all know and aware of, sometimes, advertisers want us to have XXX or XXXX amount of followers before they are willing to sponsor our blog(s) for sponsorship activities which includes free giveaways on our own blogs, generate traffic, income, more advertisers, so on and so forth.

How does the Followers system work on Chopsticks?

Pretty simple, actually. And may I also add, no hidden gimmicks too. You "join" mine, I "join" yours.

Yep, you read it right!

However, in the event that you are using all available blogs you have to join my blog network and would like me to join all of your blogs that you have used, kindly drop me a line in the comment box as well so I know where to go.

All Link Exchange request can be submitted via the Comment option at the end of this post. All approved link exchange request(s) will have their comments removed and updated to the appropriate exchange section.

No comments will ever be shown here at this page either as I have set all comments to be approved and moderated by me. In other words, you can request link exchange and network exchange anonymously. Why? So that no advertisers may accuse any bloggers of making use of this system to gain more follow-back links and friends on your blog network. That simple!

And all link exchange requests wil undergo at least a minimum of 48 hours review at the least. Maximum will be within 4 days, in the event I'm not at the computer. Hey! I have a life outside of my blog too, need food, water, tv privileges, Facebooking urges, you know the rest~

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