Hello. My name is Pu Niao and I am a female blogger residing in a warm tropical country called Singapore. At -Chopsticks-, I blog mainly about my life, personal opinions, lifestyle pertaining to living in Singapore on this blog and any other stuffs that I find interesting to share with my readers. What started out as curiosity back in April 2007 soon turned into serious blogging-mania for me.

Although despite self-learning HTML on my own through anime fan sites and fan shrines, I wouldn't dare call myself an expert HTML user. Just enough for me to know what I am doing when it comes to adding links and such on my blog. I still need to check my "HTML Bible" occassionally when I am lost as to how to do certain layout related stuffs, just like adding this page.

Throughout the many years of me blogging on my own blog -Chopsticks-, I have taken a few hiatus as I was down with blogger's block (the equivalent of a writer's block, I believe). And what started off as blogging soon turned into a daily image uploadoing affair as I kind of found myself unable to write down much of my thoughts and feelings.

And now that I'm back, I can asuure you, my beautiful readers and visitors, that I'm more focused on real blogging. Which is, more writing than image spamming. And I make a promise to write, just as much as I share my real and personal life with my loyal readers through photos that I snapped and upload here.