Swordsman Online: Mastery Cultivation

Disclaimer: Different players have different ways and methods of distributing their points. What works for one player may or may not necessary work for another. I am just presenting a guide to explain Mastery Cultivation a little so newer players know what on earth is going on when they open up their Mastery Cultivation for the very first time. I do not claim to be an expert at this either as the actual game forum itself with it's own guides states to put points here and there based on their classes. I personally find it a little confusing as blindly following what others suggested means that I am ignoring my own style of play due to the points distribution given by others.

By the way, I distributed my own Kung Fu points all into my School Node as it is easier to know what I am doing and what leveling each School Node actually does for me. If you feel that you want to distribute your points your own way, then I do not claim responsibility that mine nor yours could be better. Different folks, different strokes. I just prefer my School Nodes method since I know where on earth my Kung Fu points are being distributed to and what it can give me in return. Anyway, what I presented in this guide is my own way of distribution of Kung Fu points so it is easier to explain this in my own terms and words.

Just note that I wrote this guide into 2 parts, namely: Mastery Cultivation for the 1st time and Mastery Cultivation and points distribution and I am using a Sun & Moon alt toon to better explain this since this toon has lower Kung Fu points and I just barely started to distribute points to boost his stats.

Mastery Cultivation for the 1st time

So, you've finally leveled up and got presented with the option of placing all your precious Kung Fu points into your Mastery Cultivation. But the thing is, you are presented with something you have never seen before. It looks confusing to the core, and you have no idea what on earth seems to be going on. The image right below is an example on what the Mastery Cultivation window looks like for a brand new player who is encountering this for the very first time.

Swordsman Online Mastery Cultivation

Now, if you refer to the image above, I first clicked on School Node and then hover my mouse over Might 1 and it tells me that I first need to place 90 points into Strength. Of course blindly cliking on the Strength button itself won't do anything yet as I have not level up my Mastery at this point yet.

Swordsman Online Mastery Cultivation

Now, if you refer back to the image just right above, you will first of all need to level up your Mastery first. Click on the upward arrow (circled in red beside #1) and level up your Mastery as much as you possibly can until the game system tells you that you are out of Mastery/Kung Fu points. Once you're done leveling up your Mastery, you need to place 90 points into Strength (#2 in red). Just click on the Strength button to add points, go slowly at this point, please do not panic. In fact, don't panic!

Once you've successfully placed 90 points into Strength, you need to level up Might 1 to make it go from 0/9 to 1/9 instead. Of course you need to click on Might 1 to bring up the correct School Node to level it up. If you have the right School Node shown, it will look like #3 on the image above. There will be a curved line on the School Node Might 1. Do note that for different classes, the School Node names will be different.

I am showing an example of a Sun & Moon class, therefore it is called Might 1. If you're a Zephyr class, it wil be Aptitude instead. If you're a House Tong, it will be Fortitude, so on and so forth. Each class School Node is a little different, but if you were to distribute your points via School Nodes, then just go accordingly to what you learned in this guide.

Keep referring back to #1 to see how many more points you need to put into Strength, then click on Might 1 under School Node to bring up an image on Might 1 on the left at the constellation image. Click on #3 a.k.a Might 1 to level it up. Repeat until Might 1 is fully leveled at 9/9, whereby Might 1 will be a bright shimmering golden yellow instead of the white-silver color you see above.

Mastery Cultivation and points distribution

Swordsman Online Mastery Cultivation

Now that you've successfully leveled up Might 1 to a full 9/9. it is now time to move on to Might 2. Do be aware that Might 2 might start to feel like a pain in the ass partly because when you placed the points accordingly, bring up Might 2 on the constellation chart on the left doesn't seem to want to level it up. Don't fret, sometimes, our Mastery Cultivation can be confusing or literally a douche bag in this case.

As you can see in the image above, we are now proceeding to figure out how to level up Might 2. In this case, I need to put 60 points into Strength and 120 points into Constitution. Notice that I already have 130 points in Strength because I have maxed out Might 1. So we can safely ignore the Strength part and focus on Consitution. Place 120 points into Constitution. Once you're done, click on Might 2 under School Node to bring up Might 2 on the Constellation shown on the left.

If you look at the first and 3rd image in this post, Might 1 and Might 2 looks different. So don't be confused and be patient. Don't rush only to realize that you've placed your Kung Fu points into the wrong might/stats accidentally.

From Might 2, Might 3 and Might 4 onwards, just repeat what you did for Might 1. Check to see how many points are needed, input the points accordingly on the right. Then click on the correct Might under School Node and level up your School Node accordingly.


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