[Monthly: #15] The writing's on the wall

Want to know more about his romantic potential? Just take a look at his handwriting for a few clues on what makes him tick...

~Image Source: Liz Tapp Design~

  • If you want someone who's passionate and possibly with a strong libido, look for a guy who writes with heavy pressure strokes of the pen – he's probably the brooding, intense type.
  • If you're looking for a guy with a lighter sense of humour, the start of his letters may be twiddly and wavy, but his letters reach all the way to the baseline (where the line would sit if he was writing on a lined paper).
  • Watch out for vanity in a guy if his t's and d's reach much higher than any of the other letters – if he's really self-worshipping, where does that leaves you, right?
  • Big, wide writing, with big margins between the writing and the edge of the paper, tend to show a guy who's generous and willing to spend. Smaller writing, naturally implies he's more careful with the cash. However, if you're talking about the spacing between the words, narrow spacing could be good because this guy loves warmth and sympathy.
  • Want a sophisticated man? Look out for handwriting that shrinks as he goes along the sentence – but be careful because this guy could also look down on others.
  • If you're avoiding men who are a little too self-centred, look at this capital letters – if they're huge, compared with the other letters, it could show that he's a limelight hog.
  • And if his g's, y's, j's, p's and q's all extend far down below the line, he could be a very earthly, sensual guy.
  • Men whose handwriting is a long, connected chain tend to have good memories and concentration, whereas if his writing's all broken up, obviously he's less able to concentrate – which could also mean that he occasionally gets great ideas.


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