Swordsman Online: Gem Embedding

So, you are finally level 60 and started thinking, "I should probably get some gems in my gears and weapon for some overall much needed boost." But how do you go about doing it? Here's a simple guide to aid you along.

Gem Embedding

When you first open up your Character interface (accessible by pressing on the letter C on your keyboard), you should see something similar like the image above. Looks confusing? Actually, it really isn't, especially if you're playing MMOs released by PWE, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out. In short, the gears and weapon you have equipped on you can be sorted according to the left side and right side of your Character tab. But first, let's take a look at which gems are for what piece of gears below.

Basically, different classes have different requirements on the types of gems they should embed in their gears and weapon. Truthfully, I am actually following what I see on the Swordsman Online forum over at Arc, so I think those are actually pretty nice and decent guide on the types of gems you should consider embedding

Gem Embedding

If you were to look at the image just right above, all the gears on the left side of your Character tab and the 2 charms on the right side of your Character tab should have the same type of gems embedded. In this case, I used:

  • 1st Sockets: Full Tenacity gems (Cave Coral gems) on all first sockets
  • 2nd Sockets: Full HP gems (Rainbow gems) on all second sockets
  • 3rd Sockets: A mixture of Mitigation (Azurestone) and Evasion (Aventurine) gems on all third sockets

Gem Embedding

And now, if you were to look at the image just right above, the first 5 equipped gears on the right side of your Character tab, namely: Weapon, Amulet, Pendant and Rings should all be equipped with the same type of gems. In this case, I used:

  • 1st Sockets: Full Endo-attack gems (Sapphire gems)
  • 2nd Sockets: Full Fire-damage gems (Garnet gems), but I slot in a Poison-damage gem (Amethyst gem since I am low on Garnet gems)
  • 3rd Sockets: Full Critical Chance gems (Black Pearl gems)

In the event you are just starting out on using gems to embed into your weapon and gears and don't know where to start, here's a little recommendation I can offer you. You can actually start from Level 60 onwards in terms of gem embedding since it is relatively way too easy, fast and quick to go from Level 1 to Level 59, so it really is a waste of time and effort to think about having gems embedded into your gears before you reached Level 60. For a moment, try to picture this scenario: You just reached Level 50 and have all your gears and weapon fully embedded with gems and then less than 2 weeks later, BAM! You reached Level 60. Now, you have to either farm Mirage Cavern or buy straight from either other players or from the Market Place (a.k.a Cash Shop) to get all the stuffs needed to remove your gems, socket your weapon and gears and to re-embed everything into your new set of gears. It's rather frustrating to just even remotely think about it.

From Level 60, just start with between Level 2 to Level 4 gems first. If you are really not into charging real money into Sycee at all, you can first start with your weapon and your head piece first. These 2 pieces of gear will actually help to serve as a guideline on what gems you need to embed into the rest of your gears. For example, if you can only afford a Level 2 or Level 3 gem for the moment, don't worry too much about it. Just go ahead and embed it into the right piece of gear. Once you get your hands on the next level gem, just swap it out with a low level gem that you already previously embedded, so on and so forth.

Gem embedding isn't exactly a one-off thing you do in-game for your equipped gears. As you gained another 10 more levels, you will want even higher level gems. And trust me, it can get pretty costly and expensive over time. So, don't rush too much or over-stress about it. Just do what you can for now and slowly build up the level of your gems. Personally, I'm waiting for the day I can actually have full Level 6 gems on my gears :D

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