Awww... Mondays: 27 June 2016

Image Source: sakurai_energy

As much as I believe in the phrase "Let sleeping dogs lie", sometimes it does make you wonder, just what on earth inspired a dog to sleep like that and what on earth will said dog be dreaming about in doggy lala land? Take for instance this dog here, splayed out on it's stomach, oblivious to whatever is going on in the real world as it goes on an epic adventure on it's own.

While imagining what his own pooch could possible be dreaming about, it's owner who goes by the twitter username sakurai_energy posted a few creations and asked fellow twitter users which dream world they thought the pooch was in. But at the same time, this pooch also became an instant twitter meme over at Japan though.

Anyway, some of the comments which I have numbered, are shown below for reference:

#1. “My vote is for the sea angels!”
#2. “More than a sea angel, he could be an actual angel”
#3. “They’re all magnificent dreams. He might be in any one of them.”
#4. “Is this a dog? It looks like a polar bear”
#5. “I think those forelegs make him look like a roast chicken”
#6. “Won’t he wake up with a sore neck after lying in that position?”

Anyway, it turns out that this three-month-old golden retriever was actually cooling it's fluffy belly on a hot and humid night and wasn't in this seemingly uncomfortable position for too long.

NOTE: Article first appeared over at RocketNews 24 and I do not claim copyright nor ownership of the original article. Full credits goes to the original writer, I just only rephrased everything so it doesn't look like I am just blindly copying everything from start to finish.

P/S: My humble apologies to the owners of Awww... Mondays and Feline Fridays for the lack of participation for the past couple of weeks, was busy running around for job interviews and was simply too tired from the midday sun to want to continue sitting up. The sun sure does it's "damage" on me in the form of bad headaches D:


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  1. Awww, that doesn't look very comfortable, but I'll bet it is for whatever reason and if it was because it was so hot then I get the post.

    Have a woof woof Awww Monday. It's good to have you back. ☺

    1. @Sandee, I agree with you too. It's because of it's tail that I felt that it looked uncomfortable in that position. But luckily, it's only for a short while :D

  2. he is flying through dreamland- full of love and hugs!

    1. @Kathe W. Well, dogs are definitely high on the fluff and floof level, so I can really and totally agree with you too. Imagine seeing a doggy floating by in your own dreamland too, I definitely wouldn't want to pass up the chance to get a big hug as well xD

  3. Not sure why, but it sure is cute :)

    1. @pilch92 15andmeowing I agree with you too, sometimes, pooches are just so adorable in the little things they do and you just start smiling for no reason other than the fact that they can be so endearing and can cheer you up just like that :D


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